Command Description

The Remove Duplicates command allows the user to remove duplicate lines, points and text based on a selection of properties such as position, geometry, name/id, text and colour.

  • Click in the Entities selection field and then in a graphic view select the objects you want to check for duplicates. Click Options for additional selection options.
  • Select the Mode to use for any duplicate data found. Either Remove permanently or Relayer the data to another layer.
  • Tick any of combination of Match by fields of Name/ID, and/or Text and/or Color, and/or Geometry/Position to determine which objects are duplicates.
    • Objects must be of the same type to be matched. For example: if a point and a line have the same name/id and only the Name/ID field is selected they will not be considered duplicates.
    • When comparing two objects all the fields selected must match for the objects to be considered duplicates. For example: if Name/ID and Geometry/Position are selected along with 3 points – all 3 of which have the same id but only 2 of which have the same position – then only 2 of the points will be considered duplicates (1 point will be removed). If the same selection is used but the Geometry/Position field is turned off, then all 3 will be considered duplicates (2 points will be removed)

The following table explains the available Match by fields, and which objects they apply to:

    Applies to
Field Remarks Points Text Lines
Name/ID For lines this is the name, for points the ID. x
Text Applies to both Text and MText objects. x x
Color Does not apply to the points layer color. x
Geometry/Position For text objects this is the insertion point.
  • Set the appropriate Point/Text Options.
    • Distance tolerance: This is the distance used to compare points or text with each other. To match exactly it must be set to “0.000”.
    • Consider elevation: If this is ticked then position is compared in 3D. If unticked the position is a 2D comparison.
    • Prefer elevation: If comparing in a 2d mode by having the “Consider elevation” unticked then you have the option to keep either the highest or lowest point from the duplicates found.
  • Click Apply to apply the changes and keep the Remove Duplicates command pane open to see computation results.

Note: When duplicate objects are found and need to be removed the command keeps the one with the highest serial number (which in practice means the newest object). This applies to all modes and objects.

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