Command Description

The Adjust Area command enables you to place a new line or polygon that creates a boundary area equal to a value specified. It requires a selection of at least three source lines and a reference line to calculate.

  • Enter a Name for the created line or polygon.
  • Layer – Pick a layer or create a new one for the created line or polygon to be drawn on.
  • Create Polygon instead of line – If this is checked it changes the output from a single line to a polygon.
  • Area – Enter the required area to subdivide the selected boundary into. Select the area units used.
  • Boundary lines – Define the boundary lines that will be subdivided by the user’s defined area. These can be joined or individually but need to have at least 3 sides.
  • Reference line – Define the reference line that will be used to create the area sub-dividing line or polygon. The sub dividing line will be perpendicular to the reference line, so when the tool is used on irregular shapes, the user should select a reference line that they wish to use to create perpendicular too.
  • Approximate Location – Define an approximate location along the reference line that the user believes the sub-dividing line should be created. As you move on the screen the dynamic cursor will display the current chainage and area for the location. Once selected the command will use this as a starting location for the sub-division, which results in the user’s defined area.
  • Results – Shows the user the area calculations that the tool is generating and at which distance along the reference line the area was calculated.
  • Do either of the following:
    • Click OK to accept and close the Adjust Area command pane.
    • Click Close to end and close the Adjust Area command pane.


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