Command Description

The Explode Corridor Mass Haul command converts corridor mass ordinates into CAD objects (Line strings). The command creates a layer group and places the CAD objects onto grouped layers based on their haul range name. It is also able to create both design and existing surfaces based on balance areas.

  1. Select a Mass Haul Corridor from the drop-down selection.
    • Command creates a new layer group named “Haul – {YOUR MASS HAUL NAME HERE}”
    • For each haul range that is used a new layer is created within the group.
    • For each balance area a new closed line string is created and placed on relevant haul range layer. They are coloured red if cut and blue if fill and named after the balance with “(Cut)/(Fill)” suffix.
  2. Check the Create balance surfaces box to create (Design) and (Existing) individual surfaces for each balance area. These surfaces are named the same as the balance area.

  3. Select the required balance areas for the command to operate on one at a time or multiples.

  4. Use the (De)select All button to either select all the layers in the list or deselect any layers in the list that are currently selected.

  5. Click Apply to apply the changes and keep the Explode Corridor Mass Haul command pane open.

Note: Command requires a balanced corridor mass haul to run.

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