Command Description

The Create Best Fit Circle command enables the user to select at least 3 points and fit a circle using least squares method. A preview is available to check the resulting delta values from the original points to the created circle.

  1. In the Entity selection choose at least 3 points to use in a graphic view or click Options for additional selection options.

  2. Elevation
    • Use average elevation – This will set the elevation of the new circle to the average elevation of the points used.
    • Pick elevation – Select or enter an elevation to be used for the circle.
  3.  Circle
    • Select or create a Layer for the circle.
    • Select a Color for the circle.
  4. Circle Preview
    • Check the Enable Preview box and then move your curser over the plan view for a dynamic preview of the circle and deltas to be displayed.
    • Select a location to analyse – This location will default with the centre of the circle calculated by the best fit. If a different circle centre point is selected in the plan view, then the preview will update to show the new delta values. When you press ‘Apply’ the circle drawn will use this centre point.
    • Radius – This box will be populated by default with the calculated radius but can be edited to a user defined value.
    • Analysis Results – Displays the delta values for all the points used compared to the calculated circle location.
  5. Do either of the following:
    • Click Apply to create a circle and keep the Create Best Fit Circle command pane open.
    • Click OK to create a circle and close the Create Best Fit Circle command pane.


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