Command Description

The Create XLines command enables the user to select a control line and create perpendicular lines at nominated intervals and user defined locations. Nominate the width of the Xline either side of the control line or use secondary lines to control the width. Create points and/or lines at defined positions along the Xlines.

  1. Select a string to use as the Control Line for the Xlines. Option to change the selection highlight colour and to select a line from Reference files.

  2. Distance to the Left
    • Fixed Distance - enter a value to draw the Xline to the left of control.
    • Else select a line to the left of control to extend the Xlines too.
  3. Distance to the Right
    • Fixed Distance - enter a value to draw the Xline to the right of control.
    • Else select a line to the right of control to extend the Xlines too.
  4. Check the Manually Place Xlines box and pick the chainage locations along the control line that you require Xlines. Note that if you use the manual method, you cannot use the “Advanced” option.

  5. If the above is not checked then enter an Xline Spacing value to be used to draw new Xlines.
    • Check the Include Vertices box to automatically draw Xlines at each node along the linestring or each HZ TP along Alignments used for the control.
  6. Select or create a Layer for the Xlines and “advanced” lines and points to be placed.

  7. Select a Color for the Xlines.

  8. Advanced: Drop down option to allow the user to draw points and lines based on the Xlines created.
    • Press the  button to add or remove an instruction row. You can have multiple rows.
    • Dist Along XL – Enter a value for the percentage (0 to 1) of the distance along the Xline with 0 being at the start and 1 being at the end. E.g., 0.5 would be in the middle.
    • Starting ID – This is the starting point ID. If this is not filled out, then no points will be created.
    • Feature Code – Enter a feature code to be assigned to each point. These can be processed against an FXL.
    • Draw String – If this box is checked then a line will be drawn through the positions calculated on the Xlines.
  9. Do either of the following:
    • Click Apply to create lines and keep the Create XLines command pane open.
    • Click OK to create lines and close the Create XLines command pane.
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