Command Description

The Plan View Rotate command allows the user to rotate the current plan view using the direction of text objects and lines or manually entered bearing.

  1. Select the Orientation option of “Up” or “Right” to determine if the object will be aligned northwards or eastwards.

  2. Click in the Entity selection field and then in a graphic view select the line or text object to use that entities rotation angle.

  3. If a line is chosen, select or enter a Chainage to use the bearing from.

  4. Enter or use the Angle calculated to rotate the current view.

  5. Or use the Rotate 90º Left or Rotate 90º Right to quickly rotate the current view.

  6. The Line Direction - Show check box will turn on/off the direction arrows and the Options button is a short cut to the line direction options. Use for ease of direction identification.

  7. Click Apply to rotate the current plan view.

  8. Click Reset to set the current plan view back to default.

Note: This will not work on CAD Blocks or observations.

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