Command Description

The Rename/Regroup Layers command lets you select layers, remove parts of the layer names, add a prefix and/or suffix to the layer names and group them if required.

  1. Tick the required fields of Remove and/or Rename and/or Regroup

  2. If using the Remove, enter the letters you wish to remove from the layer name (case sensitive). This happens first before rename.

  3. If using the Rename, enter a Prefix and/or Suffix in the box for the layers selected.

  4. If using the Regroup, select an existing group from the dropdown list or enter a New group name to group the selected layers.

  5. Do either of the following:
    • Click in the Filter by selection field and then in a graphic view select any data you want to change, and those layers will be selected in the list below.
    • Alternatively, you may tick any layers in the list to use.
  6. Use the (De)select All button to either select all the layers in the list or deselect any layers in the list that are currently selected.

  7. Click Apply to apply the changes and keep the Rename/Regroup Layers command pane open.
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