Command Description

The Delete Layers command enables you to clean and/or delete populated layers without the need for them to be empty of objects.

  • Check the box to Delete layers that are selected. If unchecked only the data will be cleaned from the layer.
  • Clean a specific layer – Pick an individual layer to clean.
  • Clean layer by name match – This option will clean any layers with names containing the entered text. As you type in letters, the layer names that match will be shown with a check box in the table below. You can scroll the table to see which layers will be cleaned/deleted. Note, it is case sensitive.
  • Clean multiple layers – This option will clean all selected layers at the same time. Short cut buttons available to “Select all”, “Deselect all” and “Invert selection”.
  • Member count – This counter will show the number of members in the layer/s selected that will be cleaned.
  • Do either of the following:
    • Click Apply to clean and/delete and keep the Delete Layers command pane open.
    • Click Close to end and close the Delete Layers command pane.
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