Command Description

The Move Line command enables you to select a line or multiple lines and move left or right a small amount without needing to copy and offset.

  1. Click in the Line selection field and then in a graphic view select the line or lines which you want to move. Click Options for additional selection options.

  2. Pick the Direction to move the line.

  3. Enter the Distance in the box you want to move the line by.

  4. The Line Direction - Show check box will turn on/off the direction arrows and the Options button is a short cut to the line direction options. See Show Line Direction Options Command for more details.

  5. Click Apply to apply the changes and Close to when finished with the command pane.

Note: If the line being moved contains vertical segments which are 5mm or less in horizontal length then the segment will be pushed to make it 5mm horizontally in the direction of the previous line segment.

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