Command Description

The Explode Lines command enables you to explode any linework into ether all segment elements or segments based on user defined deflection angle.

  • Click in the Lines to Explode selection field and then in a graphic view select the data you want to explode. Click Options button for additional selection options.

  • Check box to Relayer the exploded segments onto a new layer.

  • Delete existing – If checked this will delete the source lines after exploding.

  • Explode option:
    • Every segment – Select this option to explode the selected lines into a separate line for every segment of the line.
    • Large deflections – select this option to explode the selected lines where there are large deflections in the line as defined by the max angle set.
      • Enter a Max angle - The deflection angle is the difference between the angle of the inbound and outbound line segments at a node.
  • Do either of the following:
    • Click Apply to explode the line/s and keep the Explode Lines command pane open.
    • Click Close to end and close the Explode Lines command pane.

Note: This command is licenced to Survey Intermediate and above and does not require an ANZ Toolbox licence.

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