Command Description

The Insert/Delete Nodes command allows the user to adjust linestring geometry by inserting and deleting nodes at defined locations.

  1. Click in the Linestring selection field and then, in a graphic view, select the linestring which you want to edit. Option to change the highlight colour.

  2. Select a Mode:
    • Insert – This will place a new node on the line between the current nodes where the chainage is selected.
      • If the Elevation is set to undefined, then it will interpolate the height from the line at the selected chainage. Else enter a height to be used.
    • Insert and move – This allows the user to select a location on the line to insert a new node and then select a Position off the line to move the node too. If you select a current node as your Chainage insert location it will move that node to the new location.
      • The Elevation for the new node will be taken from the location selected if it is left undefined.  Else enter a height to be used.
    • Delete – This will remove the closest horizontal node to the chainage selected on the line.
  3. Click in the Chainage field. The chainage can be typed in or selected on the line.

  4. Click Apply button or enter, for any typed in values.

Note: This command only works on Linestrings. If the linestring contains VPI’s you may wish to convert it to horizontal only for the delete mode to work on them using the “Convert to Horizontal Linestring” command.

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