Command Description

The Line Node Clean up command allows the user to clean up duplicate nodes on a linestring, adjust any vertical segments and remove node heights outside the set range.

  1. Click in the Linestrings selection field and then in a graphic view select the linestrings you want to clean up. Click Options for additional selection options.

  2. Tick the required fields of Convert to horizontal linestring and/or Remove duplicate nodes and/or Nudge vertical nodes and/or Set nodes out of range to undefined elevation.

    Convert to horizontal linestring – If the linestring contains vertical tab data then you need to convert it for this command to work. You will be prompted to use this if such data is found.

    Remove duplicate nodes – If this option is chosen you need to enter the horizontal and vertical tolerance that the command will use to search the linestring and delete nodes. First it checks the horizontal and then the vertical distance.

    Nudge vertical nodes – If this option is chosen it searches the line for vertical segments that have a horizontal change less then as entered value and if it finds one it will move the segment to give it a horizontal change of the entered value.

    Set nodes out of range to undefined elevation – If this option is chosen it searches the line for nodes outside of the specified elevation range. If a node is found to be outside the elevation range the elevation is set to undefined “?”.

  3. Click Apply to apply the changes and keep the Line Node Cleanup command pane open.

Note: This command only works on Linestrings.

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