It is recommended that one name be used for all measurements to that point. This includes:

  • Backsight, foresight and check shots to a point:
    In these cases a "Check shot" should be recorded in access using the original point name rather than NAME_BS, NAME_1, etc.
  • Measurements from different instrument types:
    Levelling, GNSS, Total station measurements to a point should all use the same name in the field when measuring to an already named point.

Ensuring all shots at one point are collected against a singular point name also benefits the Network Adjustment so all measurements made to a location are considered. If different point names are used for the same point, a network adjustment will consider each measurement to that point to be unique.

When the data is inside of TBC, all measurements to a point are grouped under the same point name. The Project Explorer can be used to show each measurement to a point, where each icon shows the type of measurement taken. The specifics of each measurement can be shown in the properties window.

Using this process allows a Point Derivation report to be made, showing the impact of each measurement made against the point.

Note: There is a Merge points option in the Survey Tab that can be used to merge points made to a similar location in TBC if needed. Noting that one measurement will need to be used as the common point name, and all points to be merged will need to be selected in the list.

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