Command Description

The Create 3D Utility Chambers command enables you to create one or many 3D utility chambers. These can be circular or Rectangular and apply a wall thickness, floor thickness and depth to the objects.

At the top of the command pane there is the ability to load and save a command setting file. Once you have populated the command with the appropriate values for a 3D utility chamber you can save it in a file that can be reloaded in the future.

  1. Enter a BIM Group name for the new object. This will be saved in the project explorer under the BIM Data.

  2. Enter a Name for the new 3d object.

  3. Select a Color for the new 3d object.

  4. Select or create a Layer for the new 3d object.

  5. Click in the Centre points selection field and then in a graphic view select the points to be used to locate the centre of the chamber. Click Options button for additional selection options.

  6. Enter a Wall Thickness for the chamber.

  7. Enter a Floor Thickness for the chamber.

  8. Enter a Depth to apply a value from the point level to create the solid. This needs to be a positive number and applies in a downward direction.

  9. A Vertical Offset can be applied to the original point level. A positive number applies in an upward direction and a negative number applies in a downward direction.

  10. Select a Mode:
    • Circular – This will create a round chamber.
      • Diameter – Enter a diameter value.
    • Rectangular – This will create a rectangular chamber.
      • Length – Enter a length value.
      • Width – Enter a width value.
      • Rotation – Enter a rotation value.
  11. Do either of the following:
    • Click Apply to create the 3d solid and keep the Create 3D Utility Chambers command pane open.
    • Click Close to end and close the Create 3D Utility Chambers command pane.

Note: Any feature attributes attached to the points used to create the chambers will be copied into the new objects properties as “12d Attributes”.


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