Command Description

The Surface Cleanup command allows you to optimise surface geometry by averaging nearby vertex positions or holding original ones and removing ones that fall within tolerance. This can remove small, unrequired triangles from the surface and build a new one which improves performance and results.

  1. Select the Surface to run the cleanup process on.
    • Horizontal radius – Enter a radius for identifying vertices close enough to be considered for merging or exclusion.
    • Vertical tolerance (+/-) – Enter a vertical tolerance for determining if vertices are sufficiently close in the Z-axis to be merged or removed.
  2. Vertex optimisation mode:
    • Original – Retains original vertices, excluding any that meet the specific criteria set above for removal.
    • Averaged – Calculates the new vertex position by averaging the coordinates of combined vertices.
  3. Check the Highlight changes box to draw circles around the surface vertices that have been altered, which will differ depending on the mode chosen. If the Original mode is used, then the vertices that are deleted will be circled. If the Averaged mode is used, then the new vertices created will be circled.
    • Check the Clean existing objects box to clear all objects from the layer chosen for the highlight circles.
    • Layer – Choose or create a new layer for the highlight circles to populate.
    • Color – Choose a colour for the circles.
    • Highlight diameter – Enter a radius to use for drawing the highlight circles.
  4. New Surface options:
    • Color – Choose a colour for the new surface.
    • Name – Enter a name for the new surface.
  5. Click Apply to run the cleanup and keep the Surface Cleanup command pane open. The number of vertices checked and deleted will be displayed in the Results section.

Note: This command attempts to maintain the original triangle formation however care should be taken when choosing the horizontal and vertical tolerances being used. Also, any existing errors in an imported surface will be flagged on the new surface created.

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