Command Description

The Surface Area Report Tool command enables you to select a surface and boundary or multiple boundaries to calculate Plan and Surface Areas. It displays the shaded boundaries and areas on screen and can then write the text to a user defined layer and to an excel report.

Areas Tab

  1. Pick a Surface to report against

  2. Select the closed polygon Boundaries you require areas from. Note: These must be closed Line strings or Boundary polygons.

  3. Check the box Use boundary color to use the colours of the polygons or leave unchecked to use random colors.

  4. Optionally, click in the Reference Line box and then select an alignment string in the graphic view if you want the chainage of the centroid of the area shown as text on screen. To use a line from a Reference file, press the “Ref” button. Option to change the selection highlight colour.

  5. Area by slope - Select this to show the surface's area separated into ranges of slope (as specified in the Define Slope Ranges dialog). The area in each range is shown as both planimetric and surface area. Each surface triangle, as a plane, has a slope. The areas of triangles whose slopes fall within the same range are combined and reported in the table. If, for example, the range limits are 0, 5, 10, and 20, the report will group and report surface triangles whose slopes (in %) are from 0 - <5, then 5 - <10, 10 - <20, and 20 - ¥.

  6. Define slope ranges - Click this to redefine the slope percentage ranges used to report areas by slope.

  7. Press the Apply button to calculate the areas and display them on screen and in the text box.
    • You can untick any boundaries in the text box that you do not want displayed on screen and in the report.

  8. Press the Create Report button to send the data in the text box to an excel report.

  9. Press the Clear button to clear the text box.

Text Tab

  1. Go to the Text tab to draw the measurements taken and recorded in the measurement tab to text.
    • Define the layer - A layer called “Text – SurfaceAreaReportTool” is automatically created
    • Choose a Color
    • Choose a text Style
    • Enter a text Height
    • Enter a Gap between the location and the start of the text.
    • Check the Draw area polygons to create filled linestrings of the visualisation.
  2. Press the Create Text button to create text from the data that is in the “Areas Text Box”.

  3. Press the Clear Layer button to delete all data from the layer that has been defined above.


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