Command Description

The Reorder by Selection Order command allows the user to reorder the point IDs by tracing a line over the points required. It uses the point numbers of the points selected and simply Re-orders them so that they increase in the same order as the order they were selected in.

  1. Click in the Points selection field and then in a graphic view select the points in the order you want them to be sorted.
    • As you select the points a temporary line will be drawn to illustrate the order of your selection.
    • The list of points is populated in the table.
  2. Use the Clear button to clear your selection to start again from the first point, or the Undo button to remove the last point selected from the selection list.

  3. Optionally add a new Feature code to be used on the selected points. You can also input the attributes for the code (if applicable) to be applied to all points reordered. Note: If you change codes then any attributes values on the current points will be lost.

  4. In the table you can add line control codes to points according to what is set in the FXL file being used in TBC.

  5. Click Apply to apply the order changes. Tip: If when you processed the data you use the “Allow editing” option then you can press the Compute Project button to quickly rebuild the changes made.

  6. Close when finished with the command pane.
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