Command Description

The Convert to CAD Points command enables you to select points and convert them to CAD points.  It will attach user data to CAD points such as point id, feature code, descriptions, and feature attributes. This enables you to change data that you do not need global positioning on into light weight CAD points.

  1. Click in the Point selection field and then in a graphic view select the points which you want to convert to CAD points. Click Options for additional selection options.
  2. Tick the Relayer box and pick a layer or create a new layer if you want to move the new CAD points to a different layer.
  3. Tick the Maintain dependencies box if you want the new CAD points to be connected to objects previously using them such as surfaces. Note: This process will take longer to do and on large data sets can take a bit of time.
  4. Do either of the following:
    • Click Apply to apply the changes and keep the Convert to CAD Points command pane open.
    • Click OK to apply the changes and close the Convert to CAD Points command pane.

The points are now CAD points but still retain point id, feature code, description, and feature attribute information.

Note: As CAD points are light weight and simple, things like photos, vector information and other attached data not mentioned above will be lost in this conversion.


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