Command Description

The Reorder by Proximity command allows the user to reorder the point IDs based on the shortest distance to the next point. After selecting the first point in the string the programme automatically reorders the point numbers based on the next nearest point. This can be filtered by search masks on the feature code or point ID’s.

  1. Click in the First point selection field and then in a graphic view select the starting point.

  2. Select the Points to search from the screen or using the options button.

  3. Check 3d search to search for the nearest point based on 3d distances, else uncheck to search in the XY plane only.

  4. Optionally, select a Filter type of either the point ID or Feature code and enter a Search mask to be used with that filter type.

  5. Optionally add a new Feature code to be used on the selected points. You can also input the attributes for the code (if applicable) to be applied to all points reordered. Note: If you change codes then any attributes values on the current points will be lost.

  6. Click Apply to apply the order changes and a temporary line will be displayed showing the new order graphically.

  7. Close when finished with the command pane.
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