Migrating a Trimble Business Center (TBC) or Trimble RealWorks network license to a new server requires certain steps to ensure a smooth transition. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Check Warranty Date. 
    Trimble requires a current warranty date on the underlying Sentinel HASP license to be eligible for license migration. This applies to both physical and virtual servers.

  2. Submit a Ticket.
    To transfer a license to another server, contact our support team or call 1800 800 UPG and Include the following details in your request:

    • Key ID of the existing license

    • Reason for the transfer

    • Information about the new server (physical or virtual)

  3. Deactivate Old License.
    Trimble will issue a 'clear code' to deactivate the old license once the ticket is submitted and verified. After clearance, a new product code matching the features and warranty date will be provided.

  4. Generate C2V File.
    Follow these steps to generate a C2V file from the network license on the old server:

    • Open Sentinel Admin Control Center on the server.

    • Thales Sentinel Admin Control Center: The licensing software used by Trimble is Thales Sentinel Admin Control Center. You can access it through http://localhost:1947/ on end user PCs or the Network License Server. Provide a screenshot of the 'Sentinel Keys' and 'Features' tab or ask end users to capture a screenshot of the TBC license manager for review.

    • Navigate to "Sentinel Keys" and locate the network KeyID.

    • Click the adjacent "C2V" button to save the file.

  5. Confirm License Removal.
    To proceed, provide a screenshot of the old Key-ID once the license removal is completed. This is required officially, but we can initiate the new codes release once we have the screenshot.

  6. Prepare New Server.
    Download and install the Trimble HASP License Updater utility for online activation on the new server. Instructions for activating the new network license are similar to your previous experience. Refer to the instructions in the original email from Trimble.
  7. Trimble HASP License Updater (November 2020).
    Use this utility to update TBC licenses without installing the TBC software package. Update dongle licenses and update or install network licenses with this new utility. The Trimble HASP License Updater replaces the Network License Update Utility. Version 2.3 64-bit.

Download Trimble HASP Licence Updater 2.3

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