Command Description

The Measure XFall command allows the user to select a reference line to define what is meant by chainage and right angles, and then selects two strings to calculate the x-fall, width, and height difference between.

Measurement Tab

  1. Pick a Control string to reference against and Line 1 and Line 2.
    • After the three strings are selected, the cursor can be moved around in plan view. The cursor position is perpendicular to the reference string. At the selected chainage, a line is projected at right angles to the reference point and extended until it intersects the two selected strings. The Xfall, width, and delta elevations are then calculated between the cut points on the strings.
    • The chainage, Xfall, width and delta elevation are dynamically displayed in the plan view and if a point is selected on the line the information is recorded in the Measurement text box.
  2. Check the Add text on measurement box to drawing the measures directly to the screen as you select each location. These settings are found on the Text tab.

  3. The Configure columns button allows the user to nominate which measured values are displayed in the measurements text box and reported.

  4. Press the Create Report button to create an excel file of the data in the Measurements text box.

  5. Press the Clear button to clear the Measurements text box.

Text Tab

  1. Go to the Text tab to draw the measurements taken and recorded in the measurement tab to text.
    •  Define the layer - A layer called “Text – MeasureXFall” is automatically created
    • Choose a Color
    • Choose a text Style
    • Enter a text Height
    • Enter a Gap between the location and the start of the text.
    • Check the Draw leader line with gap box to add a leader line when a gap has been used
    • Choose a Line style to be used when drawing the offset line.
    • Check the Text on measurement line box to align the text along the offset line.
    • Check Include data prefix to include the “Data” type as a prefix to the text on screen.
      • Chainage – Chainage location along the control line.
      • XFall – XFall between line 1 and 2.
      • Width – Width between line 1 and 2
      • ▲Elevation – Height difference between line 1 and 2.
  2. Create Text button will create text of all the measurements taken and currently active on the measurement tab.

  3. Clear Layer button will delete everything on the selected layer that contains the text.


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