Command Description

The Measure Chainage/Offset command allows the user the ability to select a line, or two points to create a line - then investigate objects for chainage and offset. Annotate to a layer and/or create excel report.

Measurement Tab

  1. Select a Mode to use - pick from list:
    • Choose Line to measure chainage and offset against an existing line.
      • Select the Line. Option to change the selection highlight colour.
    • Choose Points to create a temporary line to measure chainage and offset against. These can be line nodes, coordinates, or points.
      • Select a Begin and End point.
  2. Use the Chainage pick box to select the objects to measure. These measurements will display in the Measurements text box.

  3. Check the Extend line box to allow measures beyond the end to the drawn line.

  4. Check the Add text on measurement box to place the measurements directly on the screen as you select each location. These settings are on the Text tab.

  5. The Configure columns button allows the user to nominate which measured values are displayed in the measurements text box and reported.

  6. Press the Create Report button to create an excel file of the data in the Measurements text box.

  7. Press the Clear button to clear the measurements text box.

Text Tab

  1. Go to the Text tab to draw the measurements taken and recorded in the measurement tab to text.
    • Define the LayerA layer called “Text – MeasureChainageOffset” is automatically created
    • Choose a Color
    • Choose a text Style
    • Enter a text Height
    • Enter a Gap between the location and the start of the text.
    • Check the Draw leader line with gap box to add a leader line when a gap has been used
    • Choose the Line style used when drawing the offset line.
    • Check the Text on measurement line box to align the text along the offset line.
    • Check Include data prefix to include the “Data” type as a prefix to the text on screen.
      • Chainage – Chainage location along the controlling line.
      • Offset – Offset from the controlling line to measured location.
  2. Create Text button will create text of all the measurements taken and currently active on the Measurement tab.

  3. Clear Layer button will delete everything on the selected layer that contains the text.


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