Command Description

The Insert Alignment Table command allows the user to create a customisable table that describes the horizontal or vertical geometry that was used to create the selected alignment and display it in the plan view.

At the top of the command pane there is the ability to load and save a settings file. Once you have populated the command with the appropriate settings you can save it in a file that can be reloaded in the future.

  1. In the Horizontal Alignment tab click in the Alignment selection field and in the graphic view or project explorer select the alignment string. A preview of the Table data should display below the alignment selection field.

  2. With the alignment selected choose either the Horizontal or Vertical tab depending on what geometry you would like to be contained in the table. If you require both then set the Table property values on both tabs and apply them separately. The Apply button works on the tab that is currently active.

Table Properties:

  1. Click in the Upper Left Location selection field and either select a location by clicking in the graphic view or type in some coordinates to choose where the table is inserted. This point will be at the bottom left corner of the Title row.
  2. Choose either an existing layer or create a new layer to store the table on.
  3. Enter a Title if needed.
  4. Choose a Title Text Style or create a new text style.
  5. Choose a Title Text Colour.
  6. Choose a Header Text Colour to give the column headers a colour.
  7. Choose a Cell Text Style or create a new text style.
  8. Choose a Cell Text Colour.
  9. Give the Grid Lines a colour.
  10. Tick the Hide empty columns box if you do not want columns with no values displayed.
  11. Tick the Highlight empty cells box and select a cell colour if you wish to highlight the empty cells within the table.
  12. Click Apply to insert the table and turn on the appropriate layer to view. Note: The Apply button works on the tab that is currently active.

Note: This command does not handle chainage equations


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