Before importing the CSV containing the Block data you must first import the DXF or DWG file containing the blocks.

  1. Click on New Block Feature Definition.

  2. Next click on Import Blocks and select the dwg or dxf file containing the blocks and click open.

  3. The blocks should now be imported. Click Cancel to close the window.

Now the blocks have been imported the CSV containing the details on the block features can be imported. 


Creating CSV and importing into FXL

  1. Start by opening a blank excel project.

  2. In no specific order give the columns the following names.

    • Code (required)
    • Name (required)
    • Type (required)
    • Category (required)
    • Layer (required)
    • Block Name (required)
    • Insertion (required)
    • Colour (not mandatory)
    • Line Style (not mandatory)
    • Boarder Colour (not mandatory)
    • Fill Colour (not mandatory)
    • Fill Transparency (not mandatory)
    • Attribute Name (not mandatory)
    • Attribute Type (not mandatory)
      The not mandatory names/data are optional values as they can be added and edited after importing the CSV. Ensure the required names/data is input into the CSV as this is the minimum required data.
      Then navigate to File →  Save As →  Browse. Navigate to the folder you wish to save the CSV, give the file a name. Under Save as type choose ‘CSV (MS-DOS)’.

      The Block Name in the CSV file must match the spelling and punctuation of the Block name in the DWG or DXF exactly.

      For Insertion either from 1 point, From 2 points, From 3 points or Use control codes can be selected. This defines the number of points that make up the block, again the spelling must be exact.

      If importing a feature definition with the line style By Block/Feature, the import line style option name must be By Block. Otherwise, it will be ignored and the default Solid option will be imported.
  3. Navigate to File > Convert CSV to FXL or click the  icon to open the convert CSV to FXL tool.

  4. Select a source file by clicking the  button and navigate to the file containing the CSV. Select the file and click open. The CSV file should then display in the Original file tab.

  5. Select all the block features. While holding shift, click in the second row of the first column (to skip the name of each column), then scroll to the final column and while holding shift click the row containing the last block feature.

  6. Click Add to Feature Library to add the block codes to the library.

  7. Click close to finish importing the CSV.
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