Command Description

The Validate ADAC command allows the user to validate entities (points, lines or polygons) or an ADAC XML file against the ADAC schema and inspect any validation errors in order to fix them.

  1. Select the ADAC Version you require to validate against.

  2. Select the Entities mode if you are checking data within TBC, then click in the Entity selection field and then in a graphic view select the objects which you want to validate. Click Options for additional selection options.

  3. Select the File mode if you are checking data from an ADAC XML file. Click the box with three dots to open file explorer and navigate to the file containing the ADAC xml file you wish to validate.

  4. Click Apply. Any entities that have validation errors are displayed in the table and the number of validation errors will be displayed.
    • Double click any validation error in the table and the entity will be selected and highlighted in the plan view. Note: This quick selection does not work on XML files as they are not in the TBC database.
    • For attributes that are empty and are allowed to be nil in the Schema, select them from the list and right click to “set parent to nil”. This will remove them from the message box and set them correctly for export.
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