ADAC (Asset Design as Constructed) is a non-proprietary data specification and transport format (XML) for the description and transmission of asset design and as constructed data. This Import/Export command enables the use of this data format within TBC and support both Version 4.2 and 5.01.

Import ADAC xml

  1. Do either of the following
    • Drag and drop the file onto a plan view
    • Select Import in Home Ribbon
  2. Browse to Import Folder and select file (Both ADAC v5 and v4.2 files can be imported)
  3. In the Settings you can adjust the starting point ID if required.

Export ADAC xml


  1. Select Export in Home Ribbon.
  2. Click the Construction tab.
  3. Select either the ADAC Exporter v4.2 or ADAC Exporter V5.0 in the File Format list.
  4. Click in the Selected objects box and pick the objects that you want to include in the export from a graphic view or click Options and choose a selection option in the list.

Click Export. The selected data is exported to the file you specified.

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