Command Description

Use the ADAC Setting panel for which version of ADAC you require to enter appropriate header attributes for your project, the ADAC Setting panel is brought up with any header data already entered for the current project.

The ADAC header information is only entered once for a project. This requires only a small amount of information such as the ADAC project name, the asset owner and construction date, the coordinate system used and other optional attributes such as the surveyor and the engineer.

  • Use the “Auto-Fill Settings” to populate the software name and version, drawing extents and coordinate system name.
  • Every asset in ADAC has a unique identifier, selecting “Auto-Fill ObjectID” updates the ADAC Asset attributes with a unique ID value.
  • Use “Update Elevations” to automatically populate values for surface elevation and average depth on the below line objects using the selected As-built surface.
    • House Connection
    • Pipe (non pressure)
    • Storm Water Pipe

Many of the attributes for the ADAC data come directly from the geometry of the associated objects, for example: pipe grades, required invert levels and 3D lengths which are calculated from the object’s geometry.

Note:  Geometric attributes are automatically updated during the export, manually editing the fields will have no impact on the exported values.

When you are finished entering information, click OK.

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